Who’s behind the Broadband Resource Rail?  

The Broadband Resource Rail is a product of the University of Missouri Extension Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES). We are a group of data nerds, geographic information specialists, and programmers who support people and projects with data visualization and analysis tools. Check out our products and projects here: https://careshq.org/. 

The CARES team started the Broadband Resource Rail as a Missouri-based project. Check out Missouri Broadband Resource Rail here:  https://mobroadband.org/. Our work in Missouri has proved impactful so we’ve expanded our resources to work with communities nation-wide.   

How can I contact the Broadband Resource Rail team?  

If you have questions about how to use our online tools, pricing, or any technical difficulties, please reach out to us at help@cares.missouri.edu. We are typically available Monday-Friday between 8AM and 5PM CST.